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The Official LJ Community!~

Infatuation- The Original Slash Fiction
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This Community is for the fandom of my Original Slash Series titled Infatuation. which can be found on Fictionpress.com

The Official Summary (Long?):

My latest (and favorite) Slash story (since I'm obsessed) it focuses on two alternate realities. As well as the characters in both and how different they are.

In one world Erin Argeth is a king. In another he is a World History teacher going by the last name of Adams.

In Argeth (first Dimension) Peter Wilkson is a lower-class General taught the basics by the King and sent on a mission deep into enemy territory. On Earth he is a World History student.

Peter's mission is to find out if a weapon the enemy (Magic wielding Amazons) has can be stopped. The answer was no. But before he could give him crucial information on this weapon, he was hit by an enemy spell and felled. His last words being: Find me.

And what happens on one Alternate Reality must occur upon the other. Only with a slight difference. Instead of Peter dying. Erin Adams died. And so the King took his place.

His mission: trying to bring Peter Wilkson the General's Memory to Peter Wilkson the Student, before his entire people perish.

But he didn't know he'd fall in love with him whilst doing it.


1.) Bashing. Debates = Good. Bashing = Bad.

2.) This is a homo-sexually friendly community. Nuff said.

3.) I will be posting the chapters for Infatuation here. You repost elsewhere... I take action.

4.) Fanart, Fanfiction, Songs for Jinx...etc. Is accepted. So is a few disscussions on our affilliates But please don't over do it. This IS a comm for Infat.

5.) All fanfiction/fanart/Chapters(<-For Betas) MUST be under an LJ cut and will have a rating/warning if it is over PG. Also They MUST BE IN A FRIENDED ENTRY!

Any questions on this and you can contact me or the staff.



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