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This is very belated and with my humblest apologies. I've been busy. This is my proposition for Erin's character design. The hair's very, "I just got out of bed".

If you're okay with it, just gimme the go.


Okay, so I realized that there is something so wrong with the link and I just changed it. -stares at the image- And I hate that blasted thing. So I'll be upping some new ones soon.

And if you can't see the image, PB might just be being a bitch right now. -wry smile-

If after a number of days you still can't see it, poke me and I will do something about it. Like up it on tinypic, or something.
Oooooh!! I like it!

The Very messy one is awesome... and the one on the bottom left is AMAZING! O_O I love you.
It's not showing up anymore T_T
Fixed. I hope....PB's being a bitch right now. My apologies.
Well it's not a little red square anymore, it's one of those with the three shapes in it. I'll check back in a few days. ^^
*poke* Still not working xDDD Do you have a DA. Then you could just link to it?? (*Is just NOW active on mine and I've had it for four years.* xDDD)

Psst... if you do friend me link is in the new post on the comm... O.O If you aren't busy...