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Okay since just about everyone has posted their Q&A's I've decided that I'm going to start doing a bit of fanfic requests. This means that you give me a pairing and an occasion and I'll do a fic for you. ^.^

This is to both get you guys active AND to get some Fanfics on here. >.> Anyone with pics are welcome to make a post to submit them.

Please reply to my comment with the following filled out.

occasion/what you'd like-

Yeah I know I'm a sucker for my forums and applications... well w/e it keeps things in order and is less work for me.
*_* I will love you. I do!
Er...now what pairing to start off with...
>.> So many...
It's up to you which one you want to do first, if you want you can start with the ever popular Erin/Peter then work to Lauren/Susan...ect. ^.^' You can even put Steven's sis with someone... I don't care... but I need something to write. And I love you. xD
*_* Oh...my...I do want Erin/Peter. I do. I do.

I wanna do art for them too. Er...I think the only problem I might have is that..I might have a bit of conflict with some other artists. Aw, heck, I'll just draw. Cause I love drawing and I've been feeling the art-bug too much.

So...er...the point of the comment!

Nickname- Jules
Pairings- Erin/Peter
occasion/what you'd like- Christmas! <3

*laugh* I love you.