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1.) Name or Nickname: Hima
2.) Why you like Infatuation: Cose its awsome?, :P
3.) Why you joined this community: I find it easier to keep track of fic updates this way.
4.) Favorite Character(s): Lauren, Peter
5.) Favorite Pairings: Lauren and Susan- I am a huge yaoi fan and totally straight, but on general pwnfulness these two rock :)
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): I always do tons of fan art, don't usually post it but i will if people want...

So yeah, if you do want me to help artwise all my stuff is very anime/manga looking in style, realistic people i dont like doing, and no practise cose of this mean when i try they look shit anyhow ;)

Once again welcome! 

     I'm so very happy to have you here.  I hope you will enjoy Infatuation as much as I do.  I've started this little flower quite a few years ago; however, it was moving a bit too quickly so I decided to rewrite it, and I quite like how it's turning out.  

For those of you who were with me from the very beginning I thank you for your patience and understand if you can no longer continue with the story.  

For those of you new to Infatuation let me give you a glimps of it's complex inner-workings:

     My latest (and favorite) Slash story (since I'm obsessed) it focuses on two alternate realities.  As well as the characters in both and how different they are.  In one world (Argeth) Erin Argeth is a king.  In another he is a World History teacher going by the last name of Adams.  In Argeth (first Dimension) Peter Wilkson is a lower-class General taught the basics by the King and sent on a mission deep into enemy territory.  On Earth he is a World History student.  

     Peter's mission is to find out if a weapon the enemy (Magic wielding Amazons) has can be stopped.  The answer was no.  But before he could give the king crucial information on this weapon, he was hit by an enemy spell and felled.  His last words being: Find me.

     And what happens on one Alternate Reality must occur upon the other.  Only with a slight difference.  Instead of Peter dying.  Erin Adams died.  And so the King took his place.  Trying to bring Peter Wilkson the General's Memory to Peter Wilkson the Student.  Before his entire people perish.  

But he didn't know he'd fall in love with him whilst doing it.

- - - - -

And that would be that. *Smiles* In any case, I would like to request that you please read our rules and other such information on our Profile/UserInfo page.  For anyone new to LiveJournal you will reach it by clicking the fourth gray square from the left in the heading of our page.

Thank you and please enjoy,
Cara ~CG

(P.s. Yes I know it's a repost)

It's a newwww layout!


Eh, I'm feeling lazy today, but carapheonix wanted "soft parchment/writing type thing" so volia!

Comment or whatever...

Power of Hyde compels youu!! Bwahahha
This is very belated and with my humblest apologies. I've been busy. This is my proposition for Erin's character design. The hair's very, "I just got out of bed".

Erin Adams proposalCollapse )

If you're okay with it, just gimme the go.


Okay, so I realized that there is something so wrong with the link and I just changed it. -stares at the image- And I hate that blasted thing. So I'll be upping some new ones soon.

And if you can't see the image, PB might just be being a bitch right now. -wry smile-

If after a number of days you still can't see it, poke me and I will do something about it. Like up it on tinypic, or something.
Okay since just about everyone has posted their Q&A's I've decided that I'm going to start doing a bit of fanfic requests. This means that you give me a pairing and an occasion and I'll do a fic for you. ^.^

Read more...Collapse )
Okay, so Cara got us an affiliate. And after much deliberation I give thee: chase_jack ... whoo

Link will also be in the userinfo because I'm gifted unlike Cara XP like that... Bow to me!


Okay whatever.
1.) Name or Nickname:Joshiie or Bitch
2.) Why you like Infatuation:Because it kept me alive.
3.) Why you joined this community:I would be dead if I didn't.
4.) Favorite Character(s):Mr. Adams
5.) Favorite Pairings:Mr. Adams/Peter
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): My life and soul no really just misc. stuff
1.) Name or Nickname: Paper Doll
2.) Why you like Infatuation: The Lesbiens and fact of an unsatisfied Boy make my mind rush with thoughts
3.) Why you joined this community: Cause i was thinking about writting some.
4.) Favorite Character(s): *Don't have a favorite yet*
5.) Favorite Pairings: .... still thinking about that
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): fanart,Fics
1.) Name or Nickname: Dumbass, Kyoko-san
2.) Why you like Infatuation: It's good and cool
3.) Why you joined this community: ...I need to state why?
4.) Favorite Character(s): Peter. He's funny.
5.) Favorite Pairings: Erin x Peter...
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): I have to contribute too? @.@

Why do I feel like a mob is going to come in and kill me in the middle of the night. I can almost see it...People armed with sporks, spoons, chopsticks, pitchforks, and a battering ram that is actually Ben Stein. Not to mention the Giant Evil Twinkie that I ate in my dream...*shiver* Scary...But Tasty.
I'm not shy! Who says I'm shy?


1.) Name or Nickname: Julian Isaias. But you can call me Jules. Or Wyn. Or Dan.
2.) Why you like Infatuation: Because the plot is not out of the ordinary. Because it reminds me of my more awkward years. Because love makes me addicted.
3.) Why you joined this community: Because I wanna help out.
4.) Favorite Character(s): MR. ERIN ADAMS <3
5.) Favorite Pairings: Erin x Peter...oh hall, Erin x Riley.
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): Fanart, fanfics and icons! :) If I get the art done, it'll make things lots easier.

~J. Isaias

1.) Name or Nickname: Kate. :D Serialcode A on Fiction Press. :3
2.) Why you like Infatuation: Um. I liked the humor when I first started reading it. Now, of course, it's changed to the (whee!) boylove and um. I love Peter's density. Er. Whatever. The fact that he doesn't realize anything. -laughs-
3.) .Why you joined this community: Because I was forced to. T3T;; Nah, I (kind of) beta this story so I had to. -laughs- Speaking of which, better finish up Chapter 6...
4.) Favorite Character(s): Erin. >w<;; He's so gorgeous! -flails-
5.) Favorite Pairings: Hm. Well, I do love Erin/Peter, just because I love their interaction, and, um, because... Yeah? XD
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com(fanart, Fanfics, icons...ect.): Beta'd chapters (XD), and fanart, because I'm being threatened... Give me detailed discriptions and I'll draw them. ;D I'd love to draw Peter when he's Riley... so a description of that would be nice too. :3 Icons, too. -points at her current one- I MADE! :D

So yes. That's all, I suppose! :D
1.) Name or Nickname: Nomes, Hobo
2.) Why you like Infatuation: Cara's sense of humor
3.) Why you joined this community: was forced to XP
4.) Favorite Character(s): Peter
5.) Favorite Pairings: Erin/Peter
6.) What you will most like contribute to this Com: ... I have no skill x_x but if someone does some art, I'll make icons.

There you go XP
I want everyone to start posting on here... so in order to do that... I want all of you to answer these questions... in your own post (so that others may leave comments.) Maybe this way you will be less shy.


Okay so now that we have that settled... this post is done... but remember...
Just posting to tell you guys that you are allowed to post on here... Fanfiction, Fanart, random Infat related things... Oh god especially fanart... xD I haven't pictured the characters in my head for so long that I'm starting to forget what they look like.

I'm trying to get an artist *Cough*Katie*Cough* to draw them for me but yeah... she's really busy and I don't want to bother her more than I have to... so if you'd like to post something that'd be great... also if you do that I can add categories to the Memories (other than the un-beta'd Chapters category). So yeah, plus you'd make this place a lot more active.

Please Post Something, discussion is good to you know. This community is for me to know how you feel about it, so let me know by keeping Active... O_O ACTIVITY IS YOUR FRIEND!